David Mills

David was born in Sydney, and like many of the TAG advisers his early life was characterised by sports. Now, he’s taken this early love to an entirely new level as an avid cyclist. In 2010, David rode solo from Cairns to Sydney and in 2011 he spent six weeks in Europe cycling from Italy to France over the French Alps. About 3,200km all up. ‘The TAG team say I’m crazy!’

Skiing and snowboarding is also a big part of David’s family life, something he enjoys with his wife and two adult daughters, who first hit the slopes as toddlers.

David has worked in financial services for over 40 years. Most of that time was spent in large funds management and insurance companies, before he teamed up with Terry and Gerry in 2004.

David’s Approach

David is presently winding down from his illustrious career and he is now providing guidance to the TAG advising team to oversee the smooth transition of his clients.


  • Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)